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Welcome to the Anan Wildlife Observatory

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Anan Observatory Deck

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Visit our Anan Wildlife Observatory slide show HERE (Breakaway link)

We offer transportation service to the USFS Recreation Cabin at Anan and also to other USFS Recreation Cabins on the Stikine River system and around the Wrangell vicinity. Learn more about locations and descriptions click HERE (F/S link). Scroll Down to the Wrangell RD listing.

ANAN DATES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (the available permit numbers and dates do change fast as bookings take place).

The USFS has released the first 30 of 60 total permits per day at Anan. We are currently taking reservation request for the 2015 season. We have a very limited number of Anan permits left available. We hope that if you are interested in this most amazing tour, you have some flexibility to adapt to our availability as necessary...


Bears!!! Eagles!!! Fish!!! Seals!!! That is what you'll see on your trip to Anan Wildlife Observatory (F/S link). Located approximately 35 miles southeast of Wrangell in the Tongass National Forest, Anan is a nature lover's dream come true. Our tour to Anan is one of the rare "sure" bets in life. Anan is truly an amazing sight to behold and with our money back guarantee you can't go wrong !!! Be sure to check out our photo gallery page to see what it is all about.   

Beginning late June / early July, Pink Salmon arrive at Anan creek to spawn. Pink Salmon average only 3-5 pounds and are the smallest of 5 species of Salmon. They however make up for their size by quantity at Anan creek, which supports an annual run that is estimated to be in the 250,000 range.  Now that's a lot of salmon!  Anan creek literally turns solid fish with salmon on their way to spawn up stream. This naturally attracts Brown and Black Bear, Bald Eagles and Harbor Seals. As we pull up to Anan, the action starts right away as Harbor Seals and Bald Eagles greet and entertain you.  As your skipper secures the boat,  a U.S. Forest Service representative tells of the necessary regulations of Anan to keep it a safe and enjoyable place for all.  As we depart on our 1/2 mile walk to the observatory, your guide will point out various types of flora and fauna, birds and bears that may be viewed while walking the trail.  The walk on the trail is often described as "worth the trip in itself "!  Keep in mind that the trail is roughly 1/2 board walk 1/2 native trail. It is narrower than an average sidewalk and has about 150 steps up and down as we navigate the trail around Anan lagoon to the observation deck. The elevation gain is only around 150 feet from the boat to the deck. By the way, the Anan lagoon is an awesome place to eat lunch or dinner upon arrival or departure of Anan as tides permit. This is something Breakaway Adventures offers and some other operators do not.  After arriving at the observation deck, enjoy and take in the wonderful surroundings of majestic trees and rushing water as the bear feed on the salmon they catch, at your feet practically, from  Anan creek.  This all takes place within 50 feet of you or closer.  In 1999 a photo blind was built at creek level just across the stream from the main bear feeding area. This puts bear catching salmon about 20 feet in front of you!!! You can't beat that. Of course don't forget to watch for Bald Eagles flying by and setting in the huge Sitka Spruce trees at eye level.


Breakaway Adventures has been the consistent #1 Anan tour company over the years  (over 400 happy customers annually) due to our many years of great service to our clients, quality and length of tour and number of permits we have. With several boats in our fleet we can generally accommodate your schedule rather than force you into early or late departures, plus we want you to have the best time possible with the least number of people on deck. SO we often try to arrange tour departures to avoid the crowded periods on the deck.

***Anan is on a 60 people per day permit system by the USFS so permits are limited, you need to book ASAP for 2015 now.*** It is not to early at all to start thinking about 2016 also.. We suggest you start planning you vacation and booking with us for your amazing Anan Bear Tour for 2015 and 2016 now.  Permits will be gone fast in October 2015 once the first 30 are released, don't miss out.

Pricing includes all local taxes, permit fees, complementary  beverage, map and on the "guided" tours, narration and guides.

****Advanced reservations are often required for this tour as only 60 people by permit are allowed at Anan per day by permit !****

Click Price List for our current rates and tour options.

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